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Welcome to Nikotech

Headquartered in Bangalore, Nikotech has held its roots strong in the medical sector by manufacturing and supplying surgical products, since 2015. A certified vendor for stents and catheters, Nikotech has earned its name for its passion, quality, and enhanced service. Extending its support in surgical products for urology,gastroenterology, radiology, gynecology and nephrology, Nikotech has aimed to spread its service globally.


To etch the tag “Made in India”
in the global market..

Nikotech has endeavored to support quality products to keep up the reputation. We deliver excellent products which are encased with raw materials obtained from quality vendors.

We don’t get complacent and therefore, invite changes because innovation and creativity are part and parcel of our product lifecycle. It has aspired us to record our success story from the global market. Therefore, we aim to take the credentials of the company, globally and spread our popularity all over with the best quality surgical products.

By extending our support to a larger network, we wish to achieve satisfaction by providing stupendous service to the patients, who can enjoy the benefits of our quality products at an appealing price.

Our Products



Aimed at producing quality products at a competitive price, Nikotech has produced urology products that aids in treating disorders of kidneys, ureters, bladder and reproductive organs.


Gastroenterology Disposables

With our eminent team of medical professionals, Nikotech has helped to treat diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract and liver.The diseases of the esophagus, stomach, colon, pancreas, and rectum.


Interventional Radiology

Nikotech has produced high-quality I.P needle that is in huge demand these days. These products are produced using best quality raw materials and are quite popular due to a compact design.



Catheters are in huge demand today in the medical field. These catheters are embedded in the patient’s bladder for those, suffering from kidney stone ailments. Nikotech has specialized in the production and marketing of Catheters for different applications.



The kidney is a vital organ of our body. It constitutes of a complex network of blood vessels and helps in the purification of blood.



Stents and catheters placement plays a vital role in the treatment of Bile duct cancer. It is used to open up the blocked bile duct and drain bile that gets accumulated in that area.



A catheter is used in cardiology to find out if the heart is functioning well. The pressure and blood flow in the heart can also be measured during the process. A high-quality catheter used in Angiographic.



Nikotech has emerged successful in producing extensive stents and catheters. We have shown our excellence by extending our support in orthopedic too. Our enhanced product and quality have etched.