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Biopsy Needle

Biopsy Needle

The biopsy needle is an essential instrument which is used to identify the cause of any abnormality in the body. The needle is used by an interventional radiologist who inserts the biopsy needle in the abnormal is to remove the samples of tissues or fluid for examination. The samples are further given for investigation to a pathologist to determine whether the abnormal tissue is a non-cancerous tumor, cancer, infection or scar.

The imaging test, mammography, ultrasound can only identify the abnormal area; however, the biopsy needle helps to determine the cause of the abnormality. Therefore, it is a vital instrument for the doctors to provide the best treatment and care. The biopsy needles have ruled out the need for surgery to remove tissue for examinations. It has relieved the patients from pain and stress and helped in easy identification of the problem.

Nikotech provides the conventional biopsy needles made from the best quality raw materials obtained from certified vendors. The experts at Nikotech ensure that the needles satisfy the quality guidelines and excel in performance. There are two types of biopsy needles supported by Nikotech.

They are:

  • Biopsy with coaxial
  • Biopsy without coaxial

The biopsy needles come in different sizes and length.  Nikotech provides biopsy needles of the size such as 14G, 16G, 18G, and 20 G. It supports length varying from 9 cm to 20 cm.