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Guide Wire

Guide wire

A guide wire is a thin, flexible wire which is used as a guide for placement of a larger device such as catheters or intramedullary pin. It assists in insertion, positioning and moving a catheter. The guide wires are commonly used to enter tight spaces such as obstructed valves or channels within the body. It varies in size, length, stiffness, composition, and shape of the tip.

The guide wires have different varieties of the tip which facilitate easy penetration. It has a coating of a special material which makes it safe and non-reactive to body liquids. Nikotech provides the best quality guide wire which is used for negotiating urinary tract disorder. It ensures to manufacture the product with precision and accuracy such that the insertion process is easier and safe. Nikotech provides different guide wires for various purposes. It is available in PTFE, striped, Hydrophilic, Straight, Angled, J-tip.

Nikotech provides guide wires in various sizes. Some of the sizes are 0.018”, 0.025”, 0.028”, 0.032”, 0.035”, and 0.038”. The guide wire of different length is also available such as 70cm, 80 cm, and 150 cm. Nikotech manufactures and delivers the product, depending upon the requirement of the client. The product undergoes a stringent quality check process to assure its reliability and performance.